Handmade Jewellery Gifts for Friends

Too early to start thinking about Christmas? There’s always a birthday or wedding around the corner. Handmade jewellery is beautiful to gift a friend. Most of us remove clothes seasonally or yearly, but jewellery is worn many times and collects many memories. The best presents come in small packages or as Luciélle Jewel sells, in small pouches. Here is how you choose the perfect choice:

Funky Glam Jewellery

Gold and silver are typically expensive and sometimes too sentimental. We use gold ear hooks and 925 sterling silver on our handmade earrings, along with unique and quirky styles that suit every personality type. Because it is handmade using strong material, our statement jewellery will look glam whenever you or a friend fancy wearing. Handmade represents complete individualism (no two pieces are the same) and that adds a special touch. You cannot find this at the high-street or with large machine-made brands.

Consider the jewellery a friend already wears and what words describe them. If they love looking glam without overly standing out, picture them wearing our Seri and Lauren bracelets. Elegant black beads with sparkly zirconia charms. If a friend likes unique and quirky pieces, our fruit inspired earrings like Tessa and Andrea will be the sweetest gift. You can even choose their favourite fruit. For friends who view jewellery as a huge part of their outfit, a wrap around necklace couldn’t be better, and for friends who love standing out, we suggest our checked Rosie earrings with our pink Billie bracelet.

Symbolised beads

If you would like an extra personal or meaningful touch, why not gift funky beaded jewelry? Beads have symbolic meaning and are important for many cultures in the world. We have a wide range of handmade beaded bracelets to shop. Agate beads are considered soothing and peaceful – bracelets Mary-Anne, Ayo and Kirsty use the material. Rose quartz symbolises love, making our Carina B and Carina E rose quartz earrings and bracelet the loveliest BFF gift.

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