Interview with Luciélle Jewel Jewellery Designer

Luciélle Jewel is a go-to for funky jewellery online. Each quirky piece is handmade and crafted to represent the many diverse women who live in London. Embracing cultural diversity is important for Leonie; a designer of Caribbean descent who grew up in North West London. In the capital, her studio handcrafts each design. For women who want quality – jewellery without irritating ingredients like lead and nickel, a unique variety of statement jewels and without a high price tag, look no further than this stylish boutique.

Discover how Leonie built her brand, what it’s like to run a business and her number one tip when hand making jewellery.

Interviewer: What is your favourite piece of jewellery you have designed and what makes it special?
Leonie: My favourite piece would have to be Monique. It's funky, quirky, bold, bright and colourful. A bit like my personality. It's the first pair of earrings I designed, so holds a special place in my heart. I named it Monique after my youngest sister.”

How and why did you begin Luciélle Jewel?
I would say I'm an average girl born and raised in NW London with hopes and dreams like most people. I've always been creative so when I decided to start this little adventure of jewellery designing, it was a hobby at first because I was just making pieces for the fun of it. I then started making pieces for family and friends and it continued from there. I'm a wife, a mum of twin girls who keep my husband and I on our toes. I'm also a Business & Life Coach so I'm a pretty busy woman on a mission to build a strong legacy for my children.

What is the most rewarding aspect of running your own business?
Being able to be creative my own way. Having the freedom to do what I want with my business in order for it to progress. I work with great people who are creative in their own right and also give me great ideas for my business moving forward.

What's the most important skill or tip you have learnt when hand making jewellery?
Be genuine with your designs create pieces that mean something to you you'll value them more.

Is jewellery the last or first thing you think about when getting dressed?After getting dressed I select a piece that matches my outfit. I have such a great selection of colours so I'm spoilt for choice.

How did you decide which materials to use in your collections?
Materials I use are well sourced. I use high quality materials that make my creations looks great. My materials are nickle and lead free to reduce irritation and get the best out of your product. That's really important to me as a designer.

What's the best thing about being a designer?
I would definitely say being able to be free to be creative.

What made you decide to focus on embracing cultural diversity?
This is a very big part of my business, as a woman of Caribbean descent, I wanted to design a range of jewellery that would suit all cultures – hence the multi-coloured and diverse designed I make. I feel the fashion jewellery on the market isn't very diverse so decided to make designs to suit this. My jewellery has been designed for everyone and anyone to embrace. There are pieces for all occasions so happy shopping!

Does the quirky element of your designs reflect in your personality and style?
Absolutely. I would say I'm an extrovert – I’m very chatty and love talking and meeting new people and travelling to new places. Depending on the occasion, I can wear quirky clothes and shoes, and then dress it up with my jewellery. I love doing this. My quirky designs are inspired by my travels and places I go. I could design jewellery forever.

Explore the range at Luciélle Jewel today. Your jewellery will safely arrive to you in a secure pouch, with worldwide shipping and secure payment. If you want to be in the know with the latest trends, sign up to your newsletter and receive an incredible 20% off your first order.


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