Jewellery Trends 2020: New Ideas You’ll Love

Dear fashionistas, next year: Bigger is Better. From statement earrings to bold necklaces and chains around your shoes. Get ready to let your accessories do A LOT of talking. Jewellery trends in 2020 also declare mismatched is something you’ll be doing on purpose – no more feeling bad about losing one earring!


We have fallen head over pearl at some of the designs spotted at Fashion Week. In New York, designers like Anna Sui sent models on the runway with pearls dangling. But there’s a difference. Try to forget the old-fashioned, “my grandmother wears them” idea, because pearls next year are arriving with an edgy and fun makeover.

Plus, pearls can look chic for both work and leisure. At Luciélle Jewel, designer Leonie has crafted handmade earrings with colourful pearl beads. Very stylish, our blue Natasha and pink Michelle earrings use 925 sterling silver ear hooks with pearl beads attached. These earrings are incredibly stunning and unique up close. You will feel so glamorous wearing them, because they almost glisten as you move – without actually shining in a co-worker’s eye! For a beautiful present, the earrings can arrive to you in a ready to gift box.

If you want to wear the pearl trend without bold colour, Luciélle Jewel offer other funky jewellery online, such as our Bella bracelet – adorable, delicate white – spectacular to offset a colourful outfit, and our statement earrings June and Federica. These earrings dangle with gold plated ear hooks and contain tiny pearl beads.

Asymmetrical Earrings

The mismatched earring trend is continuing its fashion reign next year, thanks to designers like Jason Wu. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but this trend has gradually been building, making a grander entrance in 2020. Sarah Jessica Parker recently made headlines for wearing fabulous heels in different colours. One foot was gold, the other pink.

The key to this jewellery trend is to keep two pieces looking somewhat similar – it has to make sense. We have the cutest option for you. Our pink Karen apple earrings with our red Subira apple earrings. Super quirky and made with fimo polymer clay, mixing these fruit inspired earrings together will look fashionable – but you won’t feel too eccentric. If you do want to really go to town with mismatching, what about choosing between our Rosie, Gina and Rebecca earrings? These funky beaded earrings have an 85mm length, and drop down to beads and checked circles.

Large necklaces

The finishing piece, the prized possession all woman should stock in their closet. A large necklace can instantly turn a simple look into a wow – how did you put this together? We have an exclusive range of double wrap necklaces made using faux suede and beautiful beads. With these necklaces, you can completely tailor them to your aesthetic, choosing the length and style that suits you best.

Preparing for gift season?

We know bells, lights and Santa are a little away, though some of us prefer to get a head start. At Luciélle Jewel, we fundamentally believe women can wear supreme quality without over spending. Our prices mean it’s easier for you to double gift and put together a jewellery set that’s luxurious and fun to unwrap. We try our best to avoid anyone getting any irritation, by avoiding materials such as nickel and lead. We offer secure payment and worldwide shipping, with jewellery available in gift boxes. Plus, sign up to our newsletter and receive 20% off your first purchase. Ladies, it’s time to get shopping…

Jewellery trends 2020 – which do you love the most?


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