Our 3 Most Popular Statement Jewellery Pieces

Against the backdrop of trendy minimalism and ‘no makeup’ makeup, statement jewellery found its place. It’s become the main part of an outfit, a way to make selfies stand out and help define individualism from repetitive fast fashion trends. From chunky to bright and big to all of the above, designers keep finding new ways to make statement jewellery an ongoing accessory.

Amongst our collection of statement jewels, there are three pieces now considered both timeless and classic. If you are ever in doubt of what to buy (maybe you’re new to the world of bold jewellery), these three designs can be your go-to staples. Here are our most popular statement jewellery pieces:

Rachel Earrings

Gold jewelry never quite goes out of style, so we weren’t surprised to find our gold Indian feather Rachel earrings on our bestsellers list. Featuring a 90mm length drop, these handmade earrings are made with supreme gold-plated metal. The gold has a luxurious look thanks to its matt finish. On the tip of the leaf, there is a hint of teal green, making these earrings more unique than the usual all gold types found on the high street.

Effortlessly light-weight, they are stunningly beautiful to adorn at dinner, on a date or at a special occasion. Though with that being said, the thinness of the leaf means you can also wear to work and match elegantly with office attire.

Tatiana Earrings

As a brand selling funky jewellery online, we couldn’t not craft a design that’s sweet inspired. We chose liquorice – a confectionary that mouths have enjoyed for centuries. In our wide collection of liquorice inspired earrings, Tatiana has remained a firm favourite.

Its pink and orange colours blend beautifully together. The shades artfully manage to look cute as well as elegant. These earrings have a 50mm length and are made with fimo clay on 925 sterling silver ear hooks. If you want to look stylish and take your Instagram snaps to the next level, Tatiana is your ideal choice.

Laura Necklace

A couple of years ago, choker necklaces were just about everywhere. From runways to celebrities and every other person walking down a street. While that trend has disappeared, it’s hasn’t completely gone. In its replacement, choker style wrap around necklaces. This style is super customisable and loved on social media.

Our wrap around Laura necklace can also work as a bracelet and contains luxury bronze Tibetan beads on black string. It’s an incredible statement piece because it can instantly transform an outfit. You can pair with a fashionable silk top or update a basic plain white tee. It draws eyes towards you whether your hair is up or down. You simply cannot go wrong!

Shop our must-have Lucielle Jewel pieces today. You’ll be amazed at what a difference our statement jewellery can make.

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