Valentines Jewellery Gifts: Romantic Style

Roses are red, violets are blue, gift yourself jewellery that’s romantic and new.

You can never own too much jewellery, right? As the most romantic day in the calendar, what a perfect excuse to treat yourself and a loved one to a beautiful jewellery gift. Flowers are typical and cards are expected, but jewellery is always a fascination. Each piece has symbolism, every necklace, bracelet, ring and earring in your collection has a story, from the designer to your memories.

We are so proud to be an artisan brand who is involved in each stage of our jewellery making. Luciélle Jewel continues to shine as an outlet for quirkier, bolder and more colourful designs. If you want to stay away from standard this year and opt for something more interesting, shop our top Valentines handmade jewellery items below:

Say it with love, say it with pink hearts…

Our Monique Fuchsia handmade earrings are feminine, elegant and rich in colour. Against any ear, these earrings will compliment outfits and make an individual feel unique. They have a 45mm length with 925 sterling silver ear hooks.

Our heart earrings also come in a light pink shade for a more delicate aesthetic. Wearable with both jeans and a fancy gown, we especially love when paired with a floral dress. Available in a beautiful ready to gift box.

Flowers that will never wilt…

How cute is it that these earrings are called Hope? The style is boho inspired, a trend hugely popular in the jewellery industry. These attractive pendant earrings are 100mm in length and feature a gold chain and gold-plated ear hooks. Its chiffon blue flower will be adored by any woman who loves to look glam. 

Beads that symbolise love…

Our Carina set (individually sold Carina E earrings and Carina B bracelet) is made with agate beads and round rose quartz. Rose quartz is the crystal of love and symbolises unconditional love between relationships, friendships and self. Can you get any more romantic?

The handmade beaded bracelet is available in three different sizes (we have a section on how to know your size), and the earrings have a 50mm length.

Heavenly white pearls…

People sometimes make the mistake of linking pearls to an outdated, older look. The jewellery has relaunched back into modern fashion and is a staple trend of 2020. Our Bella bracelet has a romantic, dreamy quality. Delicate white tube and pearl beads on a stretchable band. With small bead sizes of 6x8mm, this handmade bracelet is very elegant and is ideal for women who like their jewellery to make a subtle statement.

Affordable, fashionable and charming to adore. What are you waiting for? Whether shopping for a partner, friend, family member or yourself, click to our online boutique now and bring some romantic style to your wardrobe. We avoid irritating materials and craft with comfort in mind.

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