Wrap Up Necklaces

Wrap Up Necklaces

Wrap up necklaces for unique style statement

Women and jewellery have a special connection. Fashion earrings, bracelets, trendy necklaces, toe rings, anklets, nose pins and the collection just goes on and on and on. For years, gold jewellery has been a prized possession of all women but today it is all about fashion jewellery. They prefer chic and elegant designs and this is exactly what you get in our necklaces for women collection.

We believe in keeping it simple yet stylish and our handmade wrap around necklace are just the same. Shop for the exclusive range of double wrap necklaces only at Lucielle Jewel to upgrade your collection of necklaces.

Our Wrap Up Necklaces are fun to wear because you can change the length and style to suit you however you like. They are all handmade using faux suede with stylish beads added to the end making the necklace stand out in a crowd. You can adjust the length as per your desire or keeping in mind your outfit. Not just as a neck piece you can even wear it in your hands as a hanging bracelet.

Whether you wear your handmade necklace in a bow or hanging loose, either way it will still look perfect!