I’m Leonie and I'm the founder of Luciélle Jewel, a brand that creates handmade funky, quirky fashion jewellery and embraces cultural diversity inspired by heritage and travels offering unique, luxury pieces at affordable prices, which makes people look good and feel great.

My story is quite simple really. I started Luciélle Jewel in 2016 because I love beads and funky quirky fashion jewellery! All sorts of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns. Whenever I went shopping for fashion jewellery I always felt I was limited to what I could buy from high street brands so, I thought to myself, I should just make my own jewellery how hard can it possibly be? That way I can wear exactly what I want. when I want! So, I did some research online and found a jewellery making course which I attended. Using the skills and techniques learnt, I now make and sale my own pieces.

I started out selling pieces to my family, friends and work colleagues and through hosting a series of jewellery parties and receiving such a positive response Luciélle Jewel was born. To add a special touch to my designs I have named each piece of jewellery after my wonderful family and friends. I make upscale, colourful and affordable pieces that can be worn for all types of occasions.

My motto is ’looking good doesn't have to be expensive’, you'll see when you shop with us!

As a wife, mother of twins and empowerment coach, running a business and juggling a family keeps me busy and constantly on my toes but, making time to be creative in my designs is very important to me so I’m overly happy and excited to be launching this website that’s bursting with vibrant and bold colours and adding more culture to the UK.

Happy Shopping!